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Founded in 2006, H&A are certified, liscensed, and insured professionals that can handle your company's financial data, enabling you to focus on your customers and the growth of your business!

At Hendrickson & Associates, we know exactly how to assist you in your business goals through our Professional Bookkeeping and Payroll services for small and medium sized businesses in the Portland Metro area.

If you feel the lack of financial organization you have in your business is holding you back, contact Hendrickson & Associates so we can give you back the time you need to concentrate on your core competencies.


We provide these services:


Payroll Services - Full Payroll Services for 1-50 employees, starting at only $29.99/month!
Bookkeeping Services - Certified Public Bookkeepers offering full charge bookkeeping for your company. Hourly rates starting at just $25/hour; flat rates available!
Legal and Professional Transcription Services - Digital Transcription services offered for a flat rate, or per page fee.
Notary Services - Public notary and Certified Closing Agent. Contact us for all your mobile notary needs!


We are located in Sherwood, Oregon. Please go to the Contact page for ways to contact us today.

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Hendrickson & Associates LLC, Bookkeeping Service, Sherwood, OR

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